Ambient Music Generator For iOS

Mobile Mood Machine (aka MoMoM ) is a brand new app by French IDM artist and programmer Julien Bayle aka Protofuse. Mobile Mood Machine provides a musical playground you can touch with your fingers.

Rules are really easy and minimalistic:
- touch the screen to create spherical creatures popping out sine waves sounds
- the more the touch is made at the top, the more the creatures pop out high pitched sounds
- the more the touch duration is, the more the sound popped it will have a long decay
- choose a Mood which consists in color gradient, sequences rules, scale
- choose to listen special designed soundscapes in the background or not
- adjust the delay and the effect of time over the age of those digital creatures
- enjoy !

Minimalism, Zen & Quietness are the main words that could describe this iOS application.

The Mobile Mood Machine ‘s engine works with circular buffers recording til 8 sequences represented by 8 colors.
Each sequence is repeated according to specific rules related to the current chosen Mood.
Some Moods are minor, some are major with a lot of time between sequence repetitions, some are hypnotically repetitive.

You can choose to make creatures becoming old. In that case, they will progressively disappear and their sounds will have a bigger attack til their end, when they will completely disappear.
Some Moods make them to be old faster, or slower.

You can also start it and choose the automatic induction mode of the Mobile Mood Machine
In that case, you just have to close your eyes, to let those waves envelope you into a sweet bubble of zen protection.
These sounds can cancel all annoying aggressive noises surrounding us every time.

Here are some possible uses:
- walking in the street
- being in the train
- trying to sleep
- before going to a boring meeting
- together with your loved one in relaxation or possibly romance

Mobile Mood Machine is available for $2.99

Mobile Mood Machine - Julien Bayle

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