Anckorage Spring Synthesizer For iPad and iPhone

Anckorage Spring is a physical modelling audio synthesiser based on the simulation of a set of connected mass- spring, integrating non-linearities, fluid and static friction, mechanical limits, gravity and bouncing. It is designed to be controlled by a continuous controller (like the Haken Continuum) but can be used with a regular keyboard or directly from the device screen or from other core midi apps. Of course a continuous controller will provide a much more accurate control of the model.

The main ideas behind Anckorage Spring are :
• Being able to tweak real world parameters like Mass, Force, Gravity, etc. instead of tweaking usual electronic parameters.
• Not only try to mimic real world, but also allow very “unusual” things like modulating a Mass and changing the Gravity.
• Emphasis control and expression using the physical parameters.
• Open a new world of sound to experiment with.
• Have fun and enjoy playing music.

Main features
• Real physical modelling sound engine
• Fully editable physical model
• 88 200 Hz internal sampling rate
• Special Haken Continuum compliance
• Playable by any midi device
• Core midi base (therefore including virtual midi and network midi compliance)
• On device touch control
• Rich preset management
• Preset exchange mechanism (through iTunes Share)
• All parameters controllable by MIDI CC
• Audiobus compliant

Anckorage Spring is available for FREE

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