Back in September of 2015 Apple announced the future of TV is apps. This will open up a whole new world of composing music and interacting with apps. The world has already embraced tablets, phones, and other hand held touch screen devices. It’s time we change the way we interact with the TV.


Check out the Apple event on Youtube for more info about the Apple TV appstore

The first music instrument for iPhone to hit the Apple TV appstore is TWYST. Twyst for Apple TV lets you play and control the Twyst iOS instrument with the remote and I believe also from your iOS while running the app on the Apple TV screen. The only catch is old Apple TVs won’t run the new tvOS so you’ll have to upgrade your Apple TV 3rd gen to the latest version in order to get access to all the cool music apps that come out for tvOS.

Twyst Apple TV Screenshot

Twyst is a professional instrument for iPhone—and now Apple TV! Unlike other instrument apps that attempt to shrink down a full set of piano keys or a guitar neck, we designed Twyst from the ground-up to work beautifully with iPhone and do things analog instruments can’t. With just five buttons, Twyst is a real instrument that’s not only easy to learn, but easy to master.

Twyst Apple TV App

• Start an impromptu jam session with your friends anytime, anywhere
• Plug in a pair of headphones and play along with your favorite tunes
• Play the entire scale using just three note buttons
• Raise or lower the pitch with sharp and flat buttons
• “Twyst” iPhone away from you to jump up an octave
• Shake for vibrato that feels and sounds natural


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