Bagpipes For iPhone and iPad

Universal Piper (UPiper) is a virtual instrument that reproduces faithfully the Sound of legendary bagpipes : An Irish Uileann Pipe, two Great Highland Bagpipes and a Galician Gaita. These sounds come from marvelous genuine Bagpipes that we recorded with great care.

The following video demonstrates Universal Piper along with the Fagerstrom TechnoPipes controller and a Line 6 Midi Mobilizer Interface.

You can use Universal Piper different ways:
- to play Bagpipe on your iPhone/iPad screen,
- to accompany you playing your practice with great bagpipe drones,
- to listen to electronic scores in MIDI or BWW format

Full Feature List :
- genuine natural and perfectly tuned bagpipe sound,
- start/stop the drones,
- pitch control of the bagpipe
- drone/chanter balance control,
- piano like keyboard,
- BWW and MIDI file reader with tempo and articulation control
- coreMIDI compatible devices supported,
- MIDI keyboard and practice supported (technopipe, red pip, mastergaita, degerpipe, e-pipe)

Universal Piper works with 4, 4-s generations of the iPhone as well as iPad. It also runs on 3GS versions but without midi device support.

Universal Piper (UPiper) is available for $3.99

UPiper - Universal Piper

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