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Download this set of free Halloween sound effects and loops.

Here is a bit of history behind it. My buddy Aaron (inventor of Mixmeister) created this app Looptastic back in 2008 and he contacted me about producing content for it so I had a nice 3-4 year stretch creating loop content for all versions of Looptastic and other Sound Trend apps. This particular Halloween set was a free promo. All of the sounds you hear in the pack were recorded in my apartment back in Chicago a long time ago. In fact some of the vocals are from my friend Johann who sings in my Industrial EBM side project Khemique which was just used in the TV show Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown last week! The episode is called “Bay Area” and our song plays during a scene where Anthony is battling someone in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. ANYWAY here are the raw loop files I sent to Aaron way back then!!

I’ve uploaded the loops for you here http://www.ipadproducers.com/free-loops/iPadLoops_Halloween.zip

Load them into your apps!! Some recommending loop apps are Launchpad, LP-5, Beatmaker, and Beathawk.

Here is the original video from back in 2009 (sorry for the poor video quality).

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