Jamstik For iOS

Jamstik is a new Guitar controller for performing on iOS apps. Music is a language like no other, and is universally accepted as one that brings us together, through both passive listening and for some, by performing. We believe that at some level everyone would like to play an instrument. At Zivix, our goal is to create a platform for making music more meaningful, accessible and fun for those who may have never experienced how enjoyable/rewarding it can be to make your own music.

Real Strings, Real Frets, Real Picking
Authentic Expression, String Bend, & Pick Sensitivity
Patented Technology That Sees Your Fingers
No Tuning – Low Latency
Included Apps: Educational, Creative, & Interactive TAB
Access to 100′s of Musical Apps

The JamStik is instantly compatible with Garage Band and hundreds of other Midi-based apps, but when used with our apps the technology goes deeper.

The JamStik grew out of our previous products that allowed any level of player to easily manipulate and control a variety of musical sounds. We combined this with our patented finger-sensing technology and made something that lets anyone immediately create great-sounding and original music, but that also provides a new interactive gateway to learn guitar. A key advantage of our technology allows the player to see their fingers on the screen in real-time to learn, create and play like never before.

What is Jamstik?

Apps used:
Drums – Fairlight Peter Vogel CMI
Bass – Sunrizer Synth
Guitar – Animoog
Vocal – iVoxel

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