Sing Sports Like Singstar For iPhone

TC-Helicon (makers of fine audio effects and apps) has entered the gaming world with this fun little app called Sing Sports. We believe it’s the closest thing to Singstar for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad at the moment. Ok it’s a bit different but hey!

Out-sing your opponents!

Sing Sports is a party game where you try to out-sing your opponents. You will need to employ improvisation, listening, memory, and most importantly, the ability to carry a tune in order to become the champion.

Sing Sports can be played by 2 to 10 players using “Pass and Play”. Gather your friends and family and have some fun! Kids, adults, teenagers, grandparents — they’ll all love it.


In game announcer
Personal recorded contestant names
2 to 10 players
Pass & Play game play
No headphones or external mic required
Universal App with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad HD support

The Gameplay

The game starts off with one of your party members being randomly selected as the Sing Master. They’ll have a few seconds to sing anything they want. It could be a challenging tune, a random melody — it all comes down to strategy. Each party member will then take turns trying to re-sing the Sing Master’s tune as closely as possible. They’ll be measured on accuracy of rhythm and pitch, but if the Sing Master botches it, you’ll have to botch in the exact same way to score well. Make sure you start singing right after the countdown! When all challengers have made their attempts, the Sing Master gets a chance to sing it again in order to show off, and to gain valuable bonus points.

Once each player has had an opportunity at being the Sing Master, a new and more difficult stage begins where each player will be given double the singing time. You’ll each accumulate play-money and at the end the champion will be revealed!

Also works on iPad and iPod Touch.

Sing Sports is available for $0.99

Sing Sports - TC-Helicon

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