LiquidSonics Mobile Convolution is a true-stereo reverb processor for use with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio hosts. It allows impulse responses to be stretched, cropped and envelopes to be applied for shaping the sound of a reverb in a very natural and musical way. A configurable pre-delay provides the ability to push a reverb back into a sound-field or to creatively add rhythmic delay effects. The IR mirror mode adds further creative potential for ghostly reversed reverb effects with natural decays, or reverbs that gather into a crescendo.

With the high, low and peaking audio filters you can make adjustments to a space’s frequency spectrum, rolling off lows, highs or accentuating specific frequencies of interest with the variable gain and width control of the peak filter.

Stereo and true stereo impulse responses up to 90 seconds long can be loaded with very low input/output delay (latency). Mobile Convolution uses the same great LiquidSonics convolution engine that powers the desktop plug-ins which are used in both home and professional studios worldwide every day.

Browse and load impulse responses directly from the internet. Propellerheads have blogged a nice list here

A collection of true stereo impulse responses is provided, and external impulse responses can be added quickly and easily via Open-In… support in apps like Mail, Safari and Dropbox, downloaded directly from within the app or added via iTunes File Sharing.

Internal preset save and recall is provided, as well as Audiobus state-save recall support.


Features and Specifications:

Import IRs from iTunes File Sharing, the web and “Open-In…” supported apps (Dropbox / email)
Low latency operation
Envelope and cropping control
Stretch up to 5x length
Load IRs up to 90 seconds long
Low cut, high cut and peak filters
Mirror/Reverse mode
50 true stereo IRs included (100 audio files)
User preset save and recall

Supports the latest AudioBus SDK version for improved iOS 9 app switching support.

Mobile Convolution Reverb

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