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For Producing Alternative Rock Drum Beats. Alt.Rock ReMastered from Soundtrack Loops will take you on a journey through the light, the dark, the mellow, and the heavy. This contemporary set of audio tools provides all aspects of Modern Rock Drums. Written and Performed by Burton L. Markham. You have 32 live drum instruments, Including Kicks, Snares, Tamborine, Shakers, Hi Hats, Crashes, Rim shots and Toms. You receive 2 kits already formatted for either Beatmaker 1, Beatmaker 2 or NanoStudio TRG-16 kits. Simply add them to your iOS apps and they will already be layered into your pads.

Beatmaker contains Beatmaker 1 and 2 Formats.
NanoStudio TRG-16 kits.

Garageband contain both the Beatmakers Beatpacks, Plus the NanoStudio TRG-16 Kits and the full Loopset that comes packed full of Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Guitar SFX, Drum Loops, Drum Oneshots, Electric Beats, and Electric Basses. 302 loops and 36 Drum Oneshots. Tempos range from 115 to 145 BPMs. Instruments organized by Key

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Garageband Loops work with Grageband iOS app, Desktop app, Loopy, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro

Beatmaker BeatPacks only work with Beatmaker Versions 1 & 2

NanoStudio TRG-16 Kits only work with NanoStudio

We Guarantee all of our products to work in all of your audio Apps

Loops Produced by Burton L. Markum using Live Instruments. You may purchase the full loopset for your home computer or any DAW at

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