Working with vocals can be a lot of fun when a computer does the speaking. Below is my recommendation of text to speech apps for iOS. Do you know of some that aren’t listed? Is so please comment below.

iSpeech – FREE (in app voice expansions)

iSpeech is a really simple cut and dry text to speech app. Not really designed for fun. More for practical purposes although they do have voices like Obama for example. Type in text and listen with the iSpeech App. iSpeech converts text to speech with the best sounding voices anywhere. Simply enter any text and iSpeech will instantly read the words. The iSpeech App is powered by the iSpeech.org Text to Speech (TTS) software as a service (SaaS) API.


Vox 3000 – $0.99 (free lite version available)

Enjoy the retro nostalgia of VOX 3000, a speech synthesis application complete with a custom green screen computer interface and keyboard. Type any collection of words on the loud over-sized keys and the VOX 3000 will say it for you to the best of its ability.

*VOX 3000 uses a specially designed loudness maximizer to make the synthesized voice as loud as possible.
*Save your favorite phrases in the phrase bank for use again later.
*Copy phrases to the clipboard so that you can paste them into AudioPaste compatible apps (e.g., FourTrack).


Waldorf Attack – $19.99

Waldorf Attack has a Phrase Vocoder, a vocoder that uses written text instead of spoken words. Lyrics in – song out, adjust gender as you have always wanted. It’s a bit more complicated to use BUT the results are outstanding. It’s much more than just a text to speech synthesizer hence the price.


Nave – $19.99 (iPad ONLY)
Waldorf Nave is a very powerful synthesizer hence the price that comes with a killer text to speech synthesizer. It’s a little bit of a learning curve but well worth it.


Realbeat – $2.99

Realbeat is a fun sampler for iSO that also has a speech to text feature. Record your voice, your fridge, your neighbour’s dog or let your iPhone or iPad speak and make rhythms out of the sounds immediately. It’s very simple to use.

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