Chordion For iPad
Chordion is a new way to make music on the iPad. Choose chords with one hand and play melodies with the other – never hit a wrong note. Chordion is great for performing, writing songs, jamming, or having sing-alongs with friends.
Chordion makes it easy to play common chord changes in any key. In “auto” mode, Chordion’s keyboard follows the chords you play, letting you strum up and down or pluck out melodies. Chordion includes a built-in drum machine & arpeggiator for keeping the beat. It is an instrument, sound generator, drum machine, and midi controller.
New in 1.2.1
– minor bug fixes
– fixed bug with Audiobus when in MIDI mode
– arpeggiator in MIDI mode
– drum machine now can play while in MIDI mode
– Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish language support

More experienced users will love the wide range of customization options – from the layout of chords to synthesis parameters to exotic scales.
Chordion’s built-in synth engine is highly tweakable and easy to use – create organy drones, echo-y lead lines, or shimmery chimes.
Chordion also supports MIDI, allowing you to play other instruments using Chordion’s unique interface. The chord buttons and keyboard can even be set to different MIDI ports and channels so you can control two instruments at once.
Chordion is available for $3.99

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